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                                       O     ne of the most distinguished and prominent
                                             Indian artists today, Anjolie Ela Menon was
                                             born in Burnpur, Asansol, in a Bengali and
                                        American household on the 17th of July 1940. She
                                        took up art at an early age, even selling some of her
                                        art  by the  age  of  15. She  then  went  on  to  study
                                        briefly  at  the  J.J.  School  of  Fine  Arts  and  then
                                        studied English literature at Miranda House, Delhi
                                        University. Artists like Amrita Sher-Gil, Modigliani
                                        and M.F. Husain had a large impact on the artist at
                                        this time, with the latter even helping organise
                                        Menon’s first exhibition when she was 18. Husain
                                        also designed the invitations for the show. This solo
                                        exhibition showcased 53 of her works executed in
                                        various styles, earning her acclaim from famed
                                        critic Richard Bartholomew. The critic stated the
                                        following while elaborating on her art, “I have no
                                        doubt that before long this gifted young woman
                                        will be joining the ranks of our very best painters.”
                                        Besides being a mentor and friend to Menon, M.F.
                                        Husain was also the reason behind the artist carry-
                                        ing around paints and brushes with her in a small
                                        bag so she could paint whenever inspiration struck,
                                        in whatever space was available. He continued to
                                        be an ardent supporter of her art through his life,
                                        introducing her to art circles in Bombay in the 50’s
                                        and 60’s and promoting her art.

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