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already  his  on  that  more  him  for  western  understand  the  were  the  With  thus  was  works.  life  In passport.

              had  based  lot  a  necessary  in  to  what  Raza  his  for  working  his                                                          Untitled (Paysage), 39.2 x 19.5 in, Acrylic on canvas, 1965

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                                                          would      1950        went    tears;  their  amount  about  artist  short  Louvre.  France  painting  pursuing  9
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                                                          he         October,  Coelho.  collage.  he  day  of  Gogh  Van  to  him  with  architecturally,  museum,  construction  an  show  a  Within  Musée  the  In  where  still  thought  miniatures.  were
                                                          words—that  of  2nd  Pramela  Matisse’s  next  The  museum  of  works  moved  tranquility  significant  a  the  in  the  France  could.  the  Guimet,  and  Art,  work.” 13  the  Beaux-Arts  was  Raza  he  that  Indian  Rajput,

                                                          his        the  and  of  was  great!”  the  self-portrait  “restored  built  spending  painting  was  in  weeks  he  as  Modern  with  de  interesting  of  and
                                                          to never leave his country. For even while away, his thoughts kept returning to India and he retained his citizenship.  on  seeing these he remarked, “The coordination of form and  was  Paumme—the  saw  were]  this  art  Musée  of What more, he saw all these museums without a guide so  École  Heuze.  tradition  Jain me, and willed me to do small paintings in gouache.” 14
                                                          true  was  Marseilles  Padamsee  there  saw  he  masterly—it  de  he  There  Gogh  Cézanne,  they  [for  After  Cézanne’s  that  realized which Cartier-Bresson had spoken to me.” 12  first  his  of  much  as  the  Museum  encounter  direct  the  at  Edmond  is  it  and  the  in  miniatures,
                                                     Dhoop, 5.5 x 7.25 in, Oil on canvas, 1961  he  sense,  that  reached  Raza  Akbar  with  along  exhibition  first  was  color  Jeu  the  to  Impressionists.  Van  A Cézanne.  of paintings  the  lines,  straight  orchestration.”  color  studying  time  of  “I remarked,  account  Raza’s  see  to  eager  visited  he  period  the L ’Homme,  a  have  “to  as  enrolled  had  Raza  was  teacher  then, landscapes  be  to  paintings  “Indian  writes,

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              had  or  family,  house  passed  taken.  to  Delhi  in  is  It  diminished  he  conceive  Raza’s  figures.  of

              family  India  in  side  one  my  for  tragedy  my  father  be  decided  and  stay,  Kulkarni.  not  turmoil,  H  S  wherewith  stray  time

              Raza’s  stay  to  ‘On  history  of  those  in  died  1948,  to  had  sister,  Damoh,  unbearable’. 8  have  may  to  chose  teacher  could  I  in  fecund.  1947,  few  a  the

              violence,  whether  recounted:  personal  were  mother  in  year,  decision  my  in  climate  become  parents  He  his  by  India].  embroiled  was  period  in  place  contained  by

              of  decision  As  1948  to  my  next  Painful  and  them,  the  had  his  of  Pakistan.  after  [in  here  was  life  that  took  that  disappeared  Janine, 8.75 x 7 in, Oil on board, 1959
              background  difficult  Raza Pakistan.  tragedy.  1947  1947  July  the  in  of  four  because  brother,  loss  the  to  go  to  looked  [are]  personal  during  exhibition  landscapes

              this  the  to  national  of  years  In  early  Mandala.  in  all  Pakistan  eldest  that  desire  and  roots  “My  leaving my country.” 9  his  journey  solo  figures  à
              Against  make  move  a  was  these  separation.  Bombay;  away  brothers,  for  my  for  reflect  to  Raza’s  protected  said,  While  artistic  first  displayed  These  met  his  10  fact  the  by  8

                                                                                      also  French  exhibited  Abdullah’s  Cartier-  should  Cézanne.”  Cartier-Bresson  French  Picasso—that  Alliance  weren’t  the  inspired  paintings  couldn’t.  strokes  other  by

                                                                                      he          when  you   at   the  artists  Despite  criticized  his  or  violent
                                                                                      year  acclaimed  had  Sheikh  trip  but  Study  at  at.  being T agore had never trained in  that  didn’t  paintings

                                                                                      same  the  Raza  of  this  gifted,  with  ook  l  Gauguin,  French  western  looking  manifesto  to  rich,

                                                                                      The      invitation  during  are  paintings.  o  t  study  But  admitted  noted  writings  their  from

                                                                                      .     Kashmir.  “You  interactions  was        had  his  with
                                                                                      shows  Cartier-Bresson,  in  the  on  was  It  him,  your  was  advice  modernism—Cézanne,  to  Raza  Bombay.  Raza  Progressives’  Raza  and  what  paintings  different  revivalist Swadeshi artists.

                                                                                      Progressives’  Henri  photographer  landscapes  government.  told  Bresson  construct  it  Perhaps  he  t  and  motivated  in  Française  ones  only  the  School,  Bengal  Rabindranath T agore. 11  arts  visual  conveyed  T agore’s  very  were

                                                                                S H Raza in Paris                        the  that
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