Market Analysis
Note: The graphs have been illustrated after tracking auction prices from all domestic and international auctions and secondary market records to give an approx price movement of these artist over the given period. Some analysis are followed by recomendations and forecasts for the artist in question - these are the opinions of the analyst.
Graph of K. M. Adimoolam

A very popular artist in 2007, Adimoolam has seen an extensive fall since then. His market is very scrupulous and mostly popular in Indian auctions, namely Saffronart. 2011 was the worst year for him as prices were trading negative to 2005 levels, but a 2013 Saffronart auction saw price levels bounce back appreciating 100% in 2 years. However, in 2014 the prices saw a negative growth as prices fell below 2005 figure. With prices still modestly low and a smaller pool of promoters of the artist, it would be a good time to buy. For those looking to sell will have to wait until his prices reach their true value.

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K. M.  Adimoolam