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Asian art attains an international presence from a regional identity  

Jan , 2013

The market in this particular region including countries like India and Indonesia is fast maturing similar to that in New York and London. In a way, Asian art is fast attaining a global scale from an earlier narrow regional flavor and feel to it.

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Confidence Indicator of Modern & Contemporary Indian art market surges  

Dec , 2012

Though still below the psychological level of 50, the key Expectation Indicator of ArtTactic for India’s Contemporary art market is at 53, signaling a positive outlook for this segment in the coming 6 months, whereas 29 percent experts think the Modern art market will go up.

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Artprice Contemporary Art Market report analyzes key events and trends  

Nov , 2012

Despite the lingering economic crisis, with Asia now having emerged as a dominant player, the international market for contemporary art has achieved its third best performance ever, underlining its potential as a bankable asset class.

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Vibrant Indian art becoming a significant global phenomenon  

Oct , 2012

Talented artists from the country are creating works that come across as an apt reflection of myriad art trends, encompassing sociopolitical, religious and historical developments in the context of its current complexities, drawing international attention and applause.

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Cues for art market and artists to watch out for  

Sep , 2012

While building a portfolio, even as we provide attention to each individual artist and his or her growth trajectory, we must also pay attention to the overall market scenario and how it’s shaping up.

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‘Now is a perfect time to get into contemporary Indian art.’  

Aug , 2012

With prices having reached attractive levels, most market participants expect a positive development in the second half of 2012, indicating the overall optimism that prevails in the Indian art market.

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Recap of DOCUMENTA (13) and Indian participation  

Jul , 2012

India enjoyed a strong presence at the world’s leading art showcase this year, underlining its growing stature as an art superpower. Here is a quick look at the underlying theme of the 2012 edition and works of Indian artists.

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How is the road ahead for Indian art market?  

Jun , 2012

In spite of the slightly negative market trend, experts are positive about the near-term and long term direction of Indian art market. The relatively low prices for works by younger generation artists also means savvy collectors stand to gain.

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A new hub for global art market in the making  

May , 2012

Savvy art aficionados, who have already witnessed the rise of India and China as new-century’s art superpowers, obviously do not want to miss out on probably the next one in making – Dubai.

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Buying art can be an enriching and exciting experience  

Apr , 2012

The process of orientation and knowledge gathering is vital to building an aware investor-collector class who understands how to view and appreciate works so as to grasp their intrinsic aesthetic and thematic values.

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Ten tips to build a timeless art portfolio  

Mar , 2012

An aspiring collector-investor need to initiate and immerse oneself in the process of acquiring works that exude diversity, reflect current trends, as well as hold in terms of beauty and value.

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Indian art market has immense potential to grow  

Feb , 2012

The value of the modern & contemporary Indian art represents only a small percentage of the global market. The fact that it’s undervalued in comparison to international art leaves immense scope for value buying.

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Mapping post-Independence India’s Modern Art evolution  

Jan , 2012

A grand international museum show brings to life the country’s vibrant visual culture and reveals how the shift from colonial subject to sovereign nation has defined new artistic trends and styles.

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Growth trajectory of Indian art intact despite adverse economic conditions  

Dec , 2011

Experts are positive about the Indian Modern art market, with a streak of confidence gradually creeping back into the strength of contemporary Indian art, as well by the end of 2011.

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The new hubs of art collecting- India and China - look to build bridges  

Nov , 2011

A common thread that binds art connoisseurs from the two countries is their mutual appreciation and admiration of each other’s traditions, histories and cultures, bringing them closer.

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A perfect time to acquire quality works of art  

Oct , 2011

Though concerns about the pace of global recovery are not still fully erased, the more upbeat art market is showing resilience against the current economic uncertainties, to forge its way ahead.

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The connection between the world of art and business  

Sep , 2011

Top companies and industry doyens around the world including are in the possession of immense artistic riches. They collect and invest in art for various reasons.

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Blending photography techniques, painterly vision and realism  

Aug , 2011

Several contemporary Indian artists relocate photographic references on canvas, impart a new dimension to them and explore socio-political concerns as well as personal identity.

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Fine tuning the art of investing in art  

Jul , 2011

In continuation of our series on simplifying the intricacies of buying art, we present second part of the essential guide for keen collectors, who want to build a quality portfolio.

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Simplifying the intricacies of buying art - I  

Jun , 2011

The fine art marketplace is a maze of complexly interlinked aspects that you need to be well conversant with for developing your perception and vision as a collector.

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