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Born in 1942 in Baroda, Altaf Mohammedi studied art at various colleges in England. He began exhibiting by 1970 and has held several exhibitions since then in India and abroad. Among his solo shows has been the one held outside Union Carbide in Bhopal on the first anniversary of the gas tragedy in 1985. He has participated in several exhibitions held for social causes like Art for Cry in 1988; Artist Alert sponsored by SAHMAT in New Delhi, 1989; In Aid of the Latur Earthquake in Baroda and Delhi, 1993. Apart from galleries, Altaf has exhibited in labour camps, pavement galleries and organized painting workshops in schools.

Underlying Altaf 's images is a sense of unease and concern about the social situation and the communication of this is a major consideration. The didactic element however is increasingly minimized as complex life experiences begin to enter the work leading to innovative methods of expression.

Altaf live,, and works in Mumbai. The artist passed away in 2004.

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 Altaf (Late)