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I have never been particular about maintaining a style. I realize that experiences change with time. I accept the new environment, people and also like to adapt new techniques and colors".Azis allows himself to be influenced by places around him and situations that he encounters. The paintings do not project a grand décor, and even with its simplicity there is a certain magic and lightness about it. It possesses a child like innocence at the same time make a response to our time truly individualistic and uncompromising manner.Images from our day to day life get a twist and turn to a shocking absurdity at times. At times it express itself as witty satire. Or reveals as a playful riddle with sharp contrasting light and shade. Subjects of his paintings engage with the surroundings and make a celebration of their existence. A graduate in painting from the Trivandrum Art College, he went further on to study at the Jamia Mila Islamia University in Delhi. He had his first show in the late 80’s and since then has held a number of solo exhibitions. He has also participated in several group shows in Bangalore, Bombay and Delhi and been a part of numerous camps held across the country.Azis presently lives and works in Bangalore.

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