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Just as Pablo Naruda once commented “Between the shadow and the soul the flame is your dominion” Nupur Kundu’s paintings makes one reflect on the ‘unknown’ because more often than not the known has such a dominant hold over the reality that we often tend to forget the unknown that is also real. In this painting, Nupur explores that side of the unknown which the human mind tends to be oblivious to. In her potent brushstrokes against the solid red background she somehow argues about the reality that is in the unknown. In this artwork she very adeptly reveals the unknown behind colors, concealed beneath the layers of unexcavated colors. It is as if the colors are absolutely in a state of emancipation. They are flowing moving and conducting a dialogue just known to them alone. It is inaudible and invisible to anyone beyond their realm. This mystic features of colors is a signature style of Nupur.

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Nupur  Kundu

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