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There are, times, when, if you look. intently at the sun rising, you might be tempted to believe that there is some force beyond the apparent, which is stealthily squeezing color all over the horizon and gradually, by degrees, the entire skyscape shudders with innumerable hues of every sort. This is somewhat akin to the feeling one gets as one faces Vipta Kapadia`s canvases.

Color emerges, erupts, jostles with other colors and vies for attention as you smilingly admit that each stroke forms an architectonic relationship with the rest. Fingers of paint outline a psyche which seems to source from nature herself.

Vipta has, over a period of time, revelled in her thought processes and has defined them in abstract forms, but these very abstractions declare quite distinctly her deep subliminal bonding with nature. Her language is supple and fulfilling, abstract as well as articulate.

Color comes to Vipta as naturally and energetically as gurgling laughter to a child and to this end therefore, it would be obvious to term her a colorist. "Obvious" but also a bit simplistic. This is because the upsurge of color may be as irreversible as the pigment from its tube but it is tranquil, lyrical and in search of something intangible. It is impassioned but not uncontrolled. The artist meanders as a vocalist would, during an "alaap" but orchestrates her rudiments (her line, color, form and so on) with precision and delight.

The artist has had several exhibitions of her works since 1974. She currently lives and works in Mumbai.

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