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As an artist, Satadru’s predominant interest in recent years has been observation of multifarious aspects of existence in a Metropolis and portrayal of his impressions through his work.

At the same time he tries not to let his opinions get reflected through his work as far as possible. Infact he almost always introduces an element of humour in his works so that they remain incisive and insightful. So, in that sense his
paintings are a kind of intimate but third person views of life in a metro.

Life in a Metro like Delhi and all its conceivable aspects from mobile Sms jargon to pubbing and clubbing are inspiration and subject-matter for his work. Discotheques and strobe lights, DJs and blaring music, chiseled bodies and pierced body parts and much more.

It is a world saturated with desire for anything and everything. And so is Satadru’s palette- saturated and loud.

the artist has attempted to showcase a segment of our society that refuses to be generalized.
Consumerism consumes people’s individuality and turns them into larger than life entities.
This visual culture would confound and even overwhelm someone who is not a part of the urban milieu or has just recently come to be a part of it. But closer observation and certain amount of empathy from the viewer would reward him with interesting and humorous insights into human psyche.

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Satadru Sovan  Banduri

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