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Profile of Jagannath Panda

Profile of Jagannath Panda
The visual imagery of Jagannath Panda is deceptively simple: it comprises of linear drawing & a rendered form or two, which seem to float on the surface. His drawings are very realistic, yet he does not offer the viewer a reference to the subject’s existence, or rather he does not recreate a sense of panorama in his paintings. At times he also employs the use of external material, such as silver foil, thread, tracing sheets, to stress upon the reality of the material. The role of color is limited though used effectively to highlight the form. It also sets off the drawings to their best advantage.

Jagannath`s style of painting is well suited to his concerns, which are with his immediate surrounding, Orissa, the state he hails from. He is sensitive to the issues raised by urbanization and politics. The calamity of floods which Orissa faced in the year 1999 resulted in a painting which immortalized the date "29th October", superimposed on a photocopy of On Kawara`s exhibition room, wrapped in a transparent airmail. That`s his style - he does not romanticize issues, but attempts to state them as objectively as possible. This objectivity can be traced back to On Kawara, whose concern was (to put it briefly) documentation by means of "dates", and who continues to inspire him a great deal. Figurative, but not narrative, seemingly direct yet laden with symbolism, such contradictory descriptives define the paintings of Jagannath Panda.

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