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An acclaimed sculptor and painter, George Martin P.J., interprets human life by decoding the drama hidden in overtly simplistic life scenarios.

Primarily known for his sculpting skills, the artist has painted several beautiful canvasses that dig deep into the mysteries of life. His intriguing compositions comprise ‘meditative’ imagery. They reveal and conceal; encode and decode these mysteries simultaneously.

In his paintings, George Martin P.J. tries to create codes that would stand in for fleeting visuals of the daily life. Apparently abstract in nature, they are manipulated from an urban scenario. On other hand, his sculptures, made of diverse materials such as fibre glass, silicon, automobile paint etc., bridge the broken linkages between past and present.

The artist, who hails from the state of Kerala, studied at the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvanthapuram, and later completed his Master of Visual Arts, Sculpture from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. He has participated in several major shows including the state exhibition held by the Lalit kala Academy, Kerala; ‘Double-Enders’ show curated by Bose Krishnamachari and a show titled ‘The world we live in’ at Melbourne, Australia in 2007.

Elaborating on his artistic philosophy, the artist says, “There’s an intense human drama being enacted around to which a sensitive mind with an artistic bend cannot remain immune. Many touching incidents and events, I am a witness to, leave a deep mark on my mind. They make me agitated, and prompt a spontaneous artistic reaction.”

His creations capture the outer layers of urban spaces that reflect the postmodern sense of reality through an amalgamation of hyper-real figuration and abstraction. According to the artist, the enigmatic human drama unfolds where the sense of reality is disowned or disconnected from its immediate realm.

He explains, “To me, the invention of the new context is the invention of reality. Once an opposing view is invented, a piece of art no longer represents prevailing notions of reality but become reality in itself, as produced by it.”

The artist believes no gesture is incidental and no word is unintentional. There’s context to every action, word or gesture, with a deeper meaning attached to them. His contemplative creations explore the cause and effect phenomenon as he ‘demands’ the lost linkages to be located and put in place.

He quips, “In the contemporary context of life, ‘moments of truths’ are fleeting. The sporadic linkages among random visuals create a virtual notion of reality. As an artist, I look to go beyond them for the linkages that would eventually connect the artistic representation with the memories of the fleeting visuals. I strive to capture the subtle nuances of these linkages.”

Traversing through past and present (sequences of events), it becomes an artistic obsession to capture those moments of truth and passion in palpable motifs and forms.

George Martin P.J., through his artistic processes, mends the breakage between the sign and the signified, and makes an effort to reconnect the object with its lost meaning. Probably, the artist wants to remind the viewers of the fact that it’s not the object that we as society have lost, but a sense of it! For him, it suffices to provide the viewers this sign for communicating with them, rather than diverting or directing their intellect towards a definite conclusion.

The artist applies a ‘deconstructive methodology’ to disintegrate and congregate the units of the original image. The sense of unity, which becomes palpable from a distance, evapourates as one starts moving closer to his paintings. Physical proximity with the work destroys the sense of unity.

His works exist somewhere between objects and images. Conceived either as a site or as a site-specific experience, they come across as autonomous, self-contained entities, decidedly abstract, albeit like devices, which when seen with an inner eye

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