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Kiyomi lives and works in St.Paul, Minnesota, USA. She visits her hometown ,Bombay once in two years or so, bringing with her a suite of works which are put out as solo exhibitions.

She has recently held a show of acrylic and mixed media paintings at Gallery Chemould. It follows the earlier Bombay exhibition, titled "Human Touch" at Gallery 7 in 1997.

Over the years, she has caught the eye of curators and gallery persons in the U.S., steadily producing a body of quiet and chimerical pictographs, participating in theme exhibitions with a focus on feminist and polemical issues.

She is a 1980`s graduate from the JJ School of Art, Mumbai. Later,armed with a heap of prizes and awards, she had made her way to North Carolina and pursued a full academic course in the fine arts.

One would imagine that she would bring all her background training into the schema of various projects. But rather than exhibit skills of drawing and mystify her audiences with slick end-of-the-century and techno-savy abstraction (which is a global pattern we find in art exhibitions today), Kiyomi prefers to distill thought and idea, traditionally- to enclose the universe of a multiplicity of feeling into a single and essential image. In this sense, she nurtures a predilection towards a lyricism and a controlled sensuous elaboration.

She defines the areas of the canvas concisely, without a clutter of strokes or agitational action- painting gesture.

One can translate the overpowering calm as a cloak which covers a psychological state of being and the suppression and tempering of pain; Pain is negotiated and its conversion into a coolly deliberated mental landscape is the movement of feeling,of pathos in her work. We can gauge it through the form and scale of object, aspects of nature, walls and the interior of rooms, read, inner mind-space. The shimmer on relatively dry, chalky surfaces of the paper, is achieved by the use of mixed media as paint, inks and charcoal.

The silence speaks, denotes, floats and encompasses her figure-based art as though it is the crucial and significant space into which forms float and settle as memory signs.

The recent paintings are essentially boxed constructions, a storage space where the passage of time is marked with single images, as a hand, or leaf or candle or chair, making the representation a serene kingdom of emblems.

They are parts and fragments carefully drawn upand revealed in a combination of a matt and gleaming haze. Signs, addressed to the viewers mind, with a benedictory appeal.

Kiyomi starts with a small visual idea and maintains it on a highly conscious level; whether it a colour plane, or an animal, or nature or an inanimate object, she generates the thought picture, delicate in tone and structure, drawing you into a meditative but free space. It has a context - of India, of colour and of a universal psychology. The geometrical co-ordinates, the veiled tonal ambience add up to a kind of preparatory ground. Looking at it is to launch oneself into self reflection or into the realm of one’s own imagination or memory.

Her endeavour, indeed, poses a challenge or a dilemma for the Indian artist living and working overseas. Kiyomi’s soft abstractions embrace an international language of brush and paint, even as they evoke a particular place and a sense of time that is her native India, seemingly, standing quite still!

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