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Heeral Trivedi is a young artist translating her life into a language of color and images,defining her own revealations and explorations of life. This underlaying feeling remains same through out her recent works and it carries on from one painting to another though the images and subjects tend to change and evolve. Growth, progression and reality seep through the colors and lure the viewer into this artist`s private world.The process of change in Heeral`s work goes hand in hand with her own transition in life. Whether if be the entering to a domestic lifestyle or the birth of her own child. The shift in priorities and perspective is evident and this draws one to the artists paintings.

In the artists earlier years, as a student of painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U, Baroda, Heeral tended to opt for the use of abstract forms as a means of expression. Even then she consistently emphasized on the domains of her experiences and surroundings.

She continued to study painting and completed her Masters in Creative Painting from the University in 1997. Over the years a gradual and subtle inclusion of the human form took over the objects position adding a new dimension to her work.

Her desire to bring herself closer to the picture motivated her to use the human form. It was at this time of her life that Heeral entered a more domesticated lifestyle and this inspired her to look at what seemed mundane earlier, in an entirely new perspective. The ordinary woman working on her sewing machine achieved a new status as a seamstress. She no longer remained a nobody but assumed the status of a breadwinner who also has more meaning in life than what appears to the onlooker. Works like The Cotton Pickers and The Masala Grinder whose titles are self explanatory exhibits the artists acceptance of their existence and the truth of their reality. This acknowledgement carried on to a series of works which concentrated on the subject of tandem with her own bearing of child and its growth. In several of her works the image of the cow is prominent. and this recurring image becomes inseparable from the artists thought process at this point of her life.

There is a calmness in her works, in her acceptance of reality and life as she juggles with the different episodes of her life.

By drawing on simple images, Heeral underlines the essence of the notion of the home and that of the homemaker. Her simple compositions are created with the presence of several images juxtaposing each other in a quiet harmony. Heerals recent works are mixed media on board. The use of sequins along with watercolours, acrylic , gouache adds to the soothing nature of the works. The use of images and bright but subdued colours create a mood of mystery, sensitivity and an air of dreaminess. Most of her works have several different images woven into a single environment. Each having its own relation with the other, in terms of space and content.

While the artist lives and works in Baroda, she has had several shows in the country as well as abroad. She was one of the artists at "Three Women Artist Show" at The Asian Cultural Centre, New York in 2003. She also participated in"Across the Threshold"exhibition at San Francisco this year. Heeral has showed in several group shows in Baroda, Mumbai, New Delhi over the years. Her solo shows were held at Gallery Chemould, Mumbai in 2002 - "Nuturing" and At the Prithvi Gallery , Mumbai in 1999 - "Quasi -Perceptions".

She has also participated in the Harmony Show in 1999-2000 as well as in the annual group shows of AIFACS & Mumbai Art Society. Heeral has been awarded the National Scholarship for1996-98 from the Ministry of Human Resources and the Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi Award in Painting in 1998.

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