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Ever since his post graduate days Arunanshu has been open to experimentation in the usage of different and mixed media, working with oils, charcoal, collage, paper ,acrylic, water colours and even screen printing . Anything to achieve the desired result.

Urban society, be it newspapers, television ads or the social - political scenario is the inspiration and starting point of Arunanshu`s work. The topics are as diverse as the Gujarat riots, Pokhran and historical India. All these in relation to the artists surroundings create the basis of the artists creativity. Images like the child, the human figure, the typewriter and simple objects are often repeated in separate works though in different context. A rediscovery of simple images in new situations.

To create the ideal painting, the artist often repeats the same work creating newer and better versions of the same idea and composition. This experimentation alongwith that of the different media he uses, adds to the intensity of the subject of his works. In this process of self realization various new images and changes add to the maturity of the paintings. Arunanshu`s work is a means of expressing all that has meaning to him. He takes over the canvas with a thought in mind and puts forth his sentiments and opinions on the surface with the help of several images in a strong contextual relationship with each other.

His recent works are story tellers. Each has its own to tell. Candid Images and powerful memories are the essence of the artists recent works. "Passage to Mansarovar" is an example of a recent rendering of a childhood memory of India as the greatest country so deeply inscribed in the artists mind as a child that it tends to keep coming back. Diversities in a single pictorial frame merge to recreate this memory. Working with figures, Arunanshu absorbs the facilities of abstraction in a positive manner. He places his images and visual images so as to create a meaningful spatial relationship. This juxtapositioning of images and their backgrounds is deliberate in all of his paintings. Though oils remain the favourite of this artist due to their ability to create depth, the urge to create something new has coaxed him to try his hand at other alternates. Often the use of dry brush and transparencey can been seen in his paintings, all adding to the dimension of the work.

Arunanshu with the means of colour, space, media and image creates a powerful visual language which is convincing and intriguing. His works initiate a visual stimulus that is not only spontaneous but reactive as well.

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