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Chintan was born in Partapur Rajasthan in the year 1972. In the year 1997 Chintan received his MFA (painting) Faculty to fine arts, M.S.U Baroda, Gujarat. Chintan’s work is mostly based on babies. They are stylized against a bold solid background; they are stripped of the simplicity of their vulnerable nature. From blank slate to something slightly more affected, the imagery of culture is impressed upon them visually in tattoo like designs. He resists viewing his work in evolutionary terms, preferring to regard the creation of each work as an independent event proceeding according to its idiosyncratic requirements. Growing up in Rajasthan, Upadyay was introduced to the tradition of miniature paintings native to the state. More intimately, he became versed in the styles of abstract expressionism through the influence of his father, himself a teacher at the Jaipur School of Art and member of the Takhman 28 group. Ghulam Shaikh and Bhupen Kulkar are two artistes who have greatly influenced Chintan’s art. He regularly leaves parts of his canvases unfinished, in order to indicate "my interest in present time because an unfinished painting suggests the possibility that the artist may return to complete the piece and thus creates a tension in the work. The artist began as a painter, but now creates sculptures and installations of which he paints the surface. His most popular sculpture project is perhaps the “Pet Shop” project, which is an ongoing production of a “model baby” for every season. It’s a social critique on consumer society; in a similar vein a solo exhibition of Upadhyay’s at Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai was provocatively named Designer Babies. Upadhyay is founder of artist initiative Sandarbh, a not for profit organization run by artists working in rural areas.

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Chintan  Upadhyay

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