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Ratnadeep Gopal Adivrekar’s painting Memoirs Of The Unreal City received the prestigious Emerging Artist of the Year 2003 at the Harmony show. The award carries with it a purse of Rs.1 lakh. Obviously Ratnadeep Adivrekar’s is elated. Not hiding his joy at having won the honor and the accolades that followed, he says, "No other exhibition got as much attention (for me) as this one -- even on a national level."

The 'Harmony Excellence Award for Emerging Artist of the Year' was instituted in 1998 and is given annually to emerging talent under the age of 35 years from among a nation-wide participation of artists in the Harmony Show. This year about thirty artists under 35 years participated in the show. Every year, two artists are selected for this award -- one for a painting and another for an artwork from another discipline. This year, there were 126 participating artists, of whom about 45 were first-timers. The panel of judges that consisted of eminent personalities including Dr. Sarayu Doshi, Harsh Goenka, Mala Singh, Dilip De, Vickram Sethi, and Tina Ambani, lauded Ratnadeep Adivrekar as an artist "with a distinctly unique style that captivates the viewer's attention."

In his 'Memoirs of the Unreal City' Ratnadeep Adivrekar captures realism in a very surrealistic way. This talented painter has shown immense promise as he takes a step further in carrying the artistic legacy of his father and eminent painter, Gopal Adivrekar. An abstract painter, Gopal Adivrekar took the art of non-figurative painting to a new high. His influence on the art scene has been two-fold: both as an artist and as an organizer.

Curiously, though Ratnadeep comes from a family with a background of art, he always "wanted to do something different" so he chose to join the science faculty. However, the love of art that ran in his veins was too deep to resist. As he has been quoted as saying: "One fine day I realized that I want to be a painter. As soon as the thought popped in to my mind I went ahead and aired my views to my father. To my surprise he said, "Go ahead and do what you would like to do."

The father-son often had long chats and discussions about their work during from which he Ratnadeep drew inspiration. During his budding years, his father was a solid guide and teacher to him. Ratnadeep recounts, "He is a self made man. It was indeed a difficult task for him, coming down to Mumbai from a small village in Konkan and making a name for himself. For this very reason I hold him in high esteem. He has helped me a lot in building my career as a painter. He has this special way of explaining things, which has helped me a lot in learning about my work and has enabled me to reach the position where I am today. He gave me total freedom to do what I wanted."

The master painter he was, Gopal Adivrekar's canvases, a sheer poetry in color, drew heavily from the beautiful coastal region of Konkan - its blue sea, the white of the surf, black rock glistening in the sun, clouds, birds and golden sands. On the other hand, Ratnadeep has specialized in post-modern art painting. Ratnadeep, very much proud of his father’s achievements, is determined to create his own niche in the art world. He says, "Being his son, people had certain expectations from me, however I have managed to create my own identity through my work."
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