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Learning’s from the past - Collectibles Auction (December, 2015) Review.
AstaGuru's inaugural, Collectibles online auction which was held on December 17-18, 2015 was received with overwhelming bravado, thank you one and all for your support.

The idea was conceived as a result of our constant urge to introduce our patrons to the finer things in life, besides that the ever increasing demand in the Indian Market for collectibles triggered our acumen as well.

Unraveled and to a certain degree excavated considering the significance of the collectibles, a great amount of toil was put in by our Director Mr Tushar Sethi and the AstaGuru Team to serve these lots on a silver platter.

A silver platter quite literally since fine silverware was also part of this venture. Although it was our first attempt to conduct such a proceeding we successfully were able to decipher the market demands and catered to it accordingly.

The Collectibles Online Auction was a huge success, with an astonishing 80% sales ratio, so without much delay, a list of the spoils that were instantly soaked up by our patrons:

Artist Artifacts:

The M F HUSAIN Acrylic on Stain Glass piece part of the Joy Shoes series having fetched close to 35% increment than our estimate we can state that this category was well received by our customers. The category had a 100% absorption rate.

With 42 lots in this category, variations of Diamond, Gold, Sapphire, Pearl, Emerald, Precious Crystal & Ruby ornaments constituted this category. With a 52% absorption rate the category did fairly well. Most of the offerings reached the higher estimate. The lots had a significant historical importance, many of which had a royal provenance.

Fine Silverware:
Yet another total sell out, the fine silverware category had a 100% absorption rate. All the 10 lots received the upper estimates; the lots with Burmese & Tibetan provenance surpassed the higher estimates by 200%. The interest generated in the fine silverware category indicates heightened interest for such collectibles. Fine Silverware with oriental style and craftsmanship has a high demand ratio.

exceptional interest, final price being that of US$ 3,129. The historical significance and the mint condition in which the coins were presented, accounted for the skyrocketing increment it fetched.

A PAIR OF GRANITE DWARAPALA, which portrayed a sculpted figure of a Dwarapalaka, elegantly poised, standing along with a small figure beside it generated curiosity and surpassed our lower estimate. The audience is a bit aloof when the medium is that of wood but open minded with regards to more formidable sources such as stone & granite. All the lots were certified and registered antique with the Government of India, under the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act -1972, under Antiquities and Art Treasures Rule 1973, under section 16.

The Furniture category missed the glorious 100% absorption rate by a mere 7%, closing at 93% absorption rate. Out of the 15 lots that were part of the auction, 14 received the final hammer sound. Ranging from an ANGLO INDIAN CARVED SOFAS, CUPBOARD & DINING TABLE, SURAJMUKHI CUPBOARD, FRENCH LOUIS XV- STYLE KINGWOOD AND TULIPWOOD VENEERED BUREAU PLAT, FINELY CAST EUROPEAN GILTWOOD WALL MIRROR, DIMINUTIVE ORIENTAL CUPBOARDS, CHINESE CARVED TABLE & HAND CARVED CHINESE CAMPHOR CHEST this category had a wide range of style and origins. The HAND CARVED CHINESE CAMPHOR CHEST with finely cast original gilt-metal handles, the design inspired from the Ming Dynasty received a 220% increment in value compared to the upper estimate. Helping us conclude that only in the furniture category but collectibles with Oriental provenance has a huge market potential.

Clocks & Timepieces:
This category yet again sailed through comfortably with a 100% absorption rate. The clocks were Rare Victorian era exquisite creations with a definite gothic charm that took you back in time. The timepieces included luxury brands like CARTIER, FRANCK MULLER, PANERAI, ROLEX, HUBLOT, RICHARD MILLE & AUDEMARS PIGUET these high in demand lots heard the final hammer rather in a hasty manner, indicating its high demand and value. The RICHARD MILLE timepiece received a 50% increment value, while the AUDEMARS PIGUET timepieces which were showcased in two lots surpassed its upper estimate with a healthy margin.

Montblanc the German manufacturer's of Fine writing instruments were exclusively featured in this category. All 5 lots which were offered without reserve attained a 100% absorption rate. With intricate design and over a century old legacy the Pen Category sailed through with great success. An all time favourite collector’s item, this category had an overall mid range in respect with the lower & upper estimates.

International Memorabilia:
A complete all star category pun intended, it featured memorabilia of stars from the world of music, cinema & sports. All of the 18 lots were auctioned off, securing a 100% absorption rate. A category that has a high emotional element will always be electric with the interest generated by fans and followers alike. A viable option for a collector considering names such as, Roger Federer, Charlie Chaplin, Tiger Woods, Indiana Jones & James Bond to name a few will always be immortal in the hearts of their ardent fans. However, The MICHAEL JACKSON - SINGED JACKET. The jacket similar to that featured in the music video of "Beat It" from the album Thriller (1982), became a trendsetter. This Michael Jackson signed jacket was amongst the most desired lot and got great attention during the auction. It surpassed the upper estimate by a whopping 400%. On that note we conclude that emotions make you do crazy things, but all justified in the case of the great MJ.

After the taste of victory we are yearning for some more. Check out our website for further Collectibles Auctions. We may mix and match with diverse categories or just focus on one category, diving into the depths of that segment for Eg: Vintage Cars, Imported limited edition watches, and Antique furniture’s. check out our complete 2016 auction calendar here: Click Here