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‘A Very Light Art’ and ‘October 18, 1977’  

Jul , 2013

If Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice explores an intriguing interface between the everyday object and art, a group show in Chelsea respond directly to the eponymous cycle of 15 paintings by Gerhard Richter, the best art probably made about terrorism ever.

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Intricate works by talented artists woven around specific themes  

Jun , 2013

‘L'exigence de la saudade’ at Paris-based Kadist Art Foundation; Aditya Pande’s solo at Artemons Contemporary, Austria; and ‘The Rising Phoenix: A Dialogue Between Modern & Contemporary Indian Art’ show proposed at The Queens Museum of Art

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Intricate works by talented artists that mesmerize art lovers  

May , 2013

‘Labyrinth of Reflections’, a survey exhibition of works by Rashid Rana; Tallur L.N.’s solo in New York; spotlight on contemporary South and Southeast Asia art courtesy the Guggenheim; and Atul Bhalla at PM Gallery & House in London.

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Major international shows that present contemporary Indian art  

Apr , 2013

‘Windows of Opportunity’ by Thukral & Tagra in Singapore; socially relevant art of Sahmat group on view in Chicago, and ‘Midnight to the Boom: post-Independence Painting in India’ at PEM, Massachusetts.

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Prominent contemporary Indian artists shine globally  

Mar , 2013

Ranbir Kaleka at Art13 London, Atul Dodiya-Hema Upadhyay twin show in Ohio, Subodh Gupta’s first Institutional solo in Switzerland, and a Sheela Gowda retrospective courtesy Netherlands’s Van Abbemuseum

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A solo of drawings by Aji V.N., ‘Paper Like Skin’ by Zarina and Bharti Kher’s new sculpture series  

Feb , 2013

The best of works by renowned Indian artists of different generations are being showcased internationally and back home. Another noteworthy event is Atul Dodiya’s lecture in the United States.

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‘Circa’, ‘Bordel Monstre’, ‘Fact/Fission’, and ‘Contemporary Renaissance’  

Jan , 2013

Jitish Kallat, Asim Waqif, Vibha Galhotra, Yamini Nayar, Nitin Mukul and Abir Karmakar among others feature in a wide array of interesting shows spread across Australia, France and the US.

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A round-up of international exhibits by prominent Indian artists  

Dec , 2012

Arpita Singh’s solo show takes place at DC Moore in the New York City. Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris presents a series of works by Mithu Sen. Meanwhile Raqs Media Collective works have reached Boston.

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Prominent international shows of contemporary Indian art  

Nov , 2012

‘WAR Zone’ in Austria features Probir Gupta, Aditya Pande and T.V Santhosh; ‘Creationism’s Kiss’ by Rina Banerjee takes place in Brussels; The Toran Project brought top Indian artists’ works to Canada, whereas Subodh Gupta’s ‘Ray’ gets displayed in Shanghai’s public sculpture show.

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International shows of works by contemporary Indian practitioners  

Oct , 2012

Atul Dodiya’s recent artworks are on view in Paris; Sudarshan Shetty’s new exhibit takes place in Vienna; sculptures and installations by Bharti Kher are being showcased in Lodon whereas a Zarina Hashmi retrospective is held in Los Angeles.

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International shows that underline distinct facets of Indian contemporary art  

Sep , 2012

‘Sub-Topical Heat’, ‘India Art Now’, and ‘Reveal the secrets that you seek’ in New Zealand, Denmark and USA, respectively present thought-provoking works that denote aspirations of a new generation and also expose social conflicts.

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‘2012: A Further Global Encounter’, ‘Approaching Abstraction’ and ‘Alone | Together’  

Aug , 2012

Two significant group exhibits present the best of contemporary Indian art, one in the context of the world’s greatest sporting extravaganza, and other from a pure painterly perspective. Meanwhile, Riyas Komu and G. R. Iranna come together in a joint show.

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‘Indian Highway VI’ makes way into the city of Beijing  

Jul , 2012

Giving modern and contemporary Indian art a global spin, the grand traveling exhibition is a unique collaborative effort with the respective hosting museum, featuring internationally renowned artists and emerging talented practitioners.

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A quick look at major Indian art exhibits and events  

Jun , 2012

‘Mapmakers: The Evolution of Contemporary Indian Art; a solo show of works by Jagannath Panda, ‘Índia - Lado a Lado / Arte Contemporânea Indiana’ in Brazil and Sotheby's offers exquisite miniature paintings

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Works that delve into key concerns of our times  

May , 2012

A quick look at ‘Longing for Tomorrow’ by Thukral & Tagra, Phaneedra Nath Chaturvedi’s solo ‘An Anthropomorphic Incarnation’; ‘Apposite | Opposite’ by Rashid Rana and other important shows.

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Indian art shows in Israel, Dubai and New York  

Apr , 2012

The complexities of contemporary society act as the focal point for several contemporary Indian artists, a concern which amply mirrors in their dynamic and diverse body of works on view.

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An Emirate Filling Up With Artwork  

Mar , 2012

DUBAI — As Qatar develops a sophisticated art scene, with exhibitions by high-profile artists and plans for nearly a dozen new gallery openings in the next six months, analysts say an increasing number of Qatari buyers and collectors are becoming major investors in art.

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Contemporary Indian art – By Art  

Feb , 2012

Long considered as just one of the emerging movements in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), Indian Contemporary art has managed to carve out a distinct place in the global art market with its own independent identity.

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Celebrating glorious past and promising future of Indian art  

Jan , 2012

Top international institutions like the Louvre Paris, Tate Modern, Absolut Vodka and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston give a place of prominence to Indian art and artists.

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Events that signify and amplify the link between tradition and modernity in Indian art  

Dec , 2011

Emphasizing the Connoisseurship of Indian Painting, new international shows trace the artistic achievement of individual artists and present the grand panorama of the country’s art scene.

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