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Cover Story   Tribal artists can be a good addition to your portfolio

Artistic ‘adivasis’, an integeral part of India’s rich socio-cultural fabric, are influenced and inspired by centuries-old traditions, festivals and religious rituals. Their art is finally getting the recognition, market attention and valuation it deserves. More

Signs of an art market growing in maturity
Undoubtedly, there’s increasing international interest as far as contemporary Indian art is concerned. Collectors though, are now much more discerning; looking around carefully and doing proper research - indications of a market showing maturity and depth. More
  Book Review  
‘Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Art’
Author David W. Galenson argues ‘markets’ are what indeed make the 20th century art different from all other earlier eras and those, who succeeded in changing styles frequently and inventing genres, have reaped the greatest rewards. More
  Artist Profile   Philosophy, processes and influences of India’s foremost artist
Working in a diverse range of media, Anjolie Ela Menon does not relish being fitted into a specific category. Her very individualistic style and mode of self-expression based on constant experimentation defies any classification. More
  Artist Profile   A tribute to Ganesh Pyne
Among the foremost exponents of Bengal Art School tradition, his personal experiences of solitude, alienation, and pain impacted his style, albeit interspersed with moods of serenity and tenderness as he explored more profound and deeper existential questions. More
  Artist Profile   An artist inspired by the real tactile world he inhabits
Work by Murali Cheeroth results from a constant investigation into the formation of both personal and cultural meanings, leading to their intense expressions. They involve a process of ‘framing and reframing’, of ‘touching and retouching’. More
Major international shows that present contemporary Indian art
  Art Feed  
  ‘Windows of Opportunity’ by Thukral & Tagra in Singapore; socially relevant art of Sahmat group on view in Chicago, and ‘Midnight to the Boom: post-Independence Painting in India’ at PEM, Massachusetts.
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