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An artist who imparts a contemporary and urban dimension to his works
Splashes of brilliant colors that express his anxieties and reveal has fairly dark take on life is the most striking aspect of a new series by artist George Martin P J., a young and very post modern artist explains that as a visual artist his concern is with space. He is not really interested in creating totem-like objects. He adds: “I am putting together a set of objects with such sculptures. It's for the viewer to put or weave it together in a story."

Vague, mumbling something about liking the sound of the words is how a critic describes the works in his solo ‘Cavities’ at the Capital city's Palette Art Gallery. The work, a kind of wall installation made of disparate, discrete elements, does not reveal much. On the other hand, he builds a chaotic cityscape in his paintings with patches of bright colors akin to a frame seen through multi-colored glass, to catch reflections of the outside world and also allows to seeing through. It’s a visual manifestation of his sense of displacement and disconnect in a vast city, a feeling that constantly pricks you just like cavity in a tooth, hence the title ‘Cavities', the artist elaborates.

The artist, who hails from the state of Kerala, studied at the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvanthapuram, and later completed his Master of Visual Arts, Sculpture from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. He gathered influences as varied as the early 20th century Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, renowned for his compositions in geometrical strips of color, and George Seurat and also the pointillist movement. He has participated in several major shows including the state exhibition held by the Lalit kala Academy, Kerala; ‘Double-Enders’ show curated by Bose Krishnamachari and a show titled ‘The world we live in’ at Melbourne, Australia in 2007.

George Martin P J. works on more than one canvas simultaneously, layering one color on each. It's a simple principle of applying warm colors to add depth. Bright colors make them stand out. The near classical perfection of his forms that juxtaposed with the new age materials like fibreglass, acrylic sheets, vinyl, automobile paints, imparts his works a contemporary and urban dimension.

He interprets human life by decoding the drama hidden in overtly simplistic life scenarios. Primarily known for his sculpting skills, the artist has painted several beautiful canvasses that dig deep into the mysteries of life. His intriguing compositions comprise ‘meditative’ imagery. They reveal and conceal; encode and decode these mysteries simultaneously. In his paintings, George Martin P.J. tries to create codes that would stand in for fleeting visuals of the daily life. Apparently abstract in nature, they are manipulated from an urban scenario.

His creations capture the outer layers of urban spaces that reflect the postmodern sense of reality through an amalgamation of hyper-real figuration and abstraction. According to the artist, the enigmatic human drama unfolds where the sense of reality is disowned or disconnected from its immediate realm. He explains, “To me, the invention of the new context is the invention of reality. Once an opposing view is invented, a piece of art no longer represents prevailing notions of reality but become reality in itself, as produced by it.”

He explains: “In the contemporary context of life, ‘moments of truths’ are fleeting. The sporadic linkages among random visuals create a virtual notion of reality. As an artist, I look to go beyond them for the linkages that would eventually connect the artistic representation with the memories of the fleeting visuals. I strive to capture the subtle nuances of these linkages. My work, soaked in an infinite aesthetical richness, looks to generate a sense of awe in the viewers. I want to appeal to their inner, invisible sensory powers.”