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Interview with Neeraj goswami
Q: Friction or fusion - between human and nature – is your chosen theme. How do you see and perceive the boundaries or bonds existing between humans among themselves and nature?

Neeraj Goswami: Friction between human and nature leads to repulsion and eventually to destruction. On the other hand, fusion between human and nature can culminate in the sublime stages of attraction (at the level of consciousness). Human form is an extension of nature. The former is the nature’s most complicated and advanced creation. All human beings have diverse mental faculties, habits and different attitudes and tendencies, albeit there’s unity in the way they are constructed, conceived. Through meditation, one can realize nature’s functioning within and beyond .All the forms in nature, animate or inanimate, including human form are the structures of nature; they are all made up of atoms, cells with different configurations.

Q: How do you establish this artistic connection between the real and the perceived?

Neeraj Goswami: The perceived is according to our cognition (a priori and empirical according to Kant) influenced by different factors whereas the real has always been there; it is like the constant core which is stable and eternal, while the covering or the crust is always changing. So the soul or consciousness is the real and beyond change. When one reaches a certain state of mind within (the higher stage of realization) one can grasp the essence of being which is beyond the mundane without contradictions and beyond the mind and its imaginations.

Q: What were your motivations and inspirations to become an artist?

Neeraj Goswami: I was introvert since my childhood. I keenly observed everything – people and places - and there was an inner reaction to all that I perceived coupled with an urge to express. I started drawing on floors and walls. I was always keen on searching the mysteries of life and nature as well as knowing the true self. It’s through creative processes that one can discover the universal truth. A piece of art is the expression of the soul.

Q: Nature - in multitude of forms - has seeped into your works. What are the various influences and impressions of nature that have you shaped you as an artist?

Neeraj Goswami: Nature (inclusive of human form), its structure, balance and proportions reveal to me the intrinsic harmony and balance inherent in it .The textures in the animate and inanimate world become an intrinsic part of my technique. Another important part of my search is to study the physical configuration and the source behind the apparent physical reality through search for the self within- beyond body senses and mind. The form of nature becomes a medium to reach the formless, the essence behind everything. The color, lines, forms, textures all these elements of visual vocabulary are present around us but one has to develop one's own visual language through the process of selection and rejection.

Q: In the context of your eye for detail what is it that you want to leave to viewers’ imagination?

Neeraj Goswami: Everything is left to the viewers’ imagination because they see a work of art through their own associations, experiences and wisdom. Only the rhythm and abstract structure expressed through inter-related planes in two dimensional space needs to be experienced objectively, i.e. without emotional element. In my paintings there is a fusion of emotional states and abstract structure. Emotion is expressed through abstracted faces, images and gestures and the human form is broken into simple shapes creating rhythmic patterns similar to musical rhythms.

Q: What are the challenges of various media that you opt for?

Neeraj Goswami: Each medium has its own identity. I look to explore it in numerous interesting and experimental ways, thus opening the expanse of my artistic search. Choice of a particular medium can be treated as the means of realizing and recording the subtle vibrations into a concrete form on canvas. The various media I opt for make my work spontaneous and dynamic.

Q: What are your primary overriding concerns as an artist? How would you sum up your artistic processes?

Neeraj Goswami: My work gives a message of harmony amongst chaos present in society and life as a whole. Moving away from anxiety and stress, an individual is always looking to attain a peaceful state of mind through various means. If there’s a meditative touch to a work of art and the same can be shared by the viewers, they will feel spiritually connected to the work. Leaving this aside, as an artist one should be honest to one’s true self; it’s a lifelong search to arrive at one’s own unique visual language of expression and experience. It becomes a medium for self realization.