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Hemendranath Mazumdar - "His perspectives were much better worked out."
In the year 1894, Bongaigaon, what is now Bangladesh, saw the birth of an infant who was to become a phenomenal painter a few years down the line. Hemendra was always inclined towards pictorial art, in his tenth grade; he went against the will of his parents and fled home only to join the Government art school in Calcutta, but he was soon frustrated with the British principal’s program to Indianise art and he decided to quit. This decision of quitting the government art school Calcutta, did in no way thwart his love for art, he continued to pursue art and admitted himself in Ranadaprasad Gupta’s Jubilee Art Academy, Calcutta. This move in particular made him realize the necessity to follow one’s own instincts rather than following other movements. He was always praised for any medium of art he used to express his emotions with, however his true skill lay in the way he handled the oil medium. Bengali women draped in wet saris became a fascination for him and the images eventually culminated onto the canvas becoming his trademark. He was hailed as one of the few artists who had critical acclaim and monetary abundance at the same time.

In 1921 he won the ‘gold medal’ for his painting ‘Reminiscence’ at a Bombay exhibition. In the very same year his paintings were also awarded the first prize by the society of fine arts in Calcutta.

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