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About - Meetali Singh
She is honest to herself and explains her works to us,” I paint what I visualize at a given point of time; what excites and thrills me at that particular moment. None of my works are planned. There may not be a logic or reason to the sequence of images. When I start conceptualizing my work, there’s just an idea that takes root in my mind. I develop it at a sub-conscious level. An artist has no control over the start, the end or even the intermittent pauses. I let a painting take its own course, and opt not to direct or divert its flow. I am involved in it, but still feel detached from it.

All works are a reflection of an artist’s mindset and thought processes. I tread a territory between real-life emotions and sheer imagination. Hence the images are surreal, dreamy in nature; it’s like capturing swings of the pendulum. I try to capture its movement and the moods – of that’s subtle, surreal zone between the extreme poles.

I try to paint my inner emotions. My paintings are a reflection of my desires, my aspirations and my feelings. It’s a purely individual experience. I do not belong to any particular school of art, and do not believe in making a statement through art. Painting for me is a quest to answer self-posed queries. It has been a long journey for me personally, from Benares to Baroda where I arrived to study in the mid-nineties and then chose to settle. The holy city of Benares is full of ironies. On one hand, religious sentiments fill your heart with a deep sense of containment; on other hand, you somehow feel desperate to break free. Taking up art was not an easy choice, but I was committed to art and was determined to overcome all barriers.