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Interview with Hindol Brahmbhatt
Hindol Brahmabhatt born in 1974, received his B.F.A.from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U. Baroda and a Post Diploma in painting from the same university.

Hindol Brahmbhatt has worked on several diptychs and triptychs, that locate the relevance of the Father of the Nation and his philosophy in today’s context. Several of the artist’s creations juxtapose images of war and violence. He says, underlining the motive of his creations, “The world is witnessing extreme strife. Social fabric has become highly fragile.”

Hindol Brahmbhatt belongs to an increasing breed of assertive, inquisitive new-generation Indian contemporary artists that invariably questions and challenges the prevailing notions of reality. His observations coupled with his imagination give a contextual dimension to his creations. They are intended not only to please the viewers’ eyes but also to touch their souls.

His technique of starting a painting with an image in photographic emulsion, and later adding acrylic, shellac, clay, sand etc. to build textures of incredible variety and sensitivity, and in the process, unpacking mythic pathos and historical ironies.

Hindol Brahmbhatt’s artistic process revolves around attainment of thematic and stylistic unity. Its broad objective is to form a language that calls for continuity and intuition. This infinity of composition reminds us that each work is a part of a greater body of images and ideas. These are schematic images of evolution, growth and creativity. The messages do not demand to be ‘analyzed and solved’, but just exist.

Collectively, his work resonates with an outward simplicity of the subject matter that subtly hides and progressively heightens inherent complexity of the message and the drama that the artist wants to convey. Hindol Brahmbhatt recreates and relocates the known and the imagined visual references, and fills them with alternative meanings. Also, he chooses to distill his visual vocabulary to the minimum for the maximum effect.

Hindol Brahmbhatt treats his work as a documentation of historical reality in contemporary context, and looks for clues of social changes. Thus emerges a universe that the viewers can identify with, albeit from a new perspective!

“I believe in the truth of opposites. For every argument there would be a counter-argument that can be equally valid. So I leave it to the viewers to interpret my work, and draw their own conclusions,” he concludes.