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Jignasa Doshi’s creations carry a touch and feel of reality
Artist Jignasa Doshi focuses specifically on the showbiz to depict the increasing showiness and shallowness, as she likes to put it, under the garb of sophistication.

The artist explains, “Packaging probably has become more important than content and talent. ‘Showcasing’ has now become absolutely necessary to survive in today’s world. It’s a trend that really disturbs me. And I try to highlight it through my work.”

The selection of imagery from showbiz and glamour or Page 3 world is though, incidental, as she explains. According to the artist, her work focuses on the glamour culture as a mere microcosm of discrepancies and distortions, largely fed by skewed, shallow concepts of packaging and presentation in today’s world.

Born in 1973 in Gujarat, Jignasa Doshi completed her B.F.A and M.F.A in Painting from M.S University Baroda. Among her selected group shows are the ones held at Sarjan art gallery, Baroda (2005); ‘Urban Confluence’, Apparao Galleries, New Delhi; (2004); ‘Artists from Asia’, KressBronn, Germany (2004); ‘Figurative Naration’, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai (2004); ‘Group-Ungroup’, Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA), New Delhi (2004); ‘Female Imageries’; and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2003) among others.

The talented artist was recipient of the National Scholarship of Ministry of Tourism and Culture Department, New Delhi (2001-03), and the Junior Fellowship of Gujarat LKA in 1999. She has also participated in several art camps, including the 2006 R.P.G. Artist camp in Mumbai.

Jignasa means curiosity. Staying true to her name, the artist exudes curiosity about evolving social trends, especially in urban context. Her creations are a reflection of life and events around her. She focuses on the showbiz, as mentioned above, to depict the increasing commoditization of human body. She tries to highlight it through her work.

She does not have an art background. Elaborating on her creative processes, the artist says, “I look out for this semiotic tension between images collected from various location and different time frames. I try to extract the philosophical essence through this interaction of the images.”

According to the artist, media inspired imagery has a more direct relationship with modern (contemporary) life. Understandably, her work carries a touch and feel of reality. The technique of photo-realism attains a contemporary hue in her creations. The artist sifts through a barrage of visual content for recreating and relocating the visual references. The process does not involve a mere reproduction of images or a dispassionate reportage.

Her works question an unhealthy trend of attaching undue importance to mere physical aspects of one’s persona, which leads to excessive repackaging and refinement of the human body. She adds, “I try to touch upon a sensitive area of life where polished physicality often scores over sheer talent and intellect. My aim is to highlight artificiality and hypocrisy of such acts.”

Analyzing her creations, the artist states, “I am not approaching the subject through the smug Puritanism with which people, who don't identify with the showbiz or who are not part of it, look down upon those who belong to it. I cannot treat the subject by staying on the sidelines and isolating myself from it. Being part of society, I cannot remain immune to these things, and am bound to get influenced by them. I have also done some self-portraits.”

Jignasa Doshi’s values are depicted in her painting and they sure strike a chord with the audiences and also instill a sense of moralistic standing. A case in point is an online show of her works hosted by The Arts Trust in 2006. Imaginatively tilted ‘Woman Gazing’, it portrayed men staring at a woman dressed up in revealing western attires. According to her, the looks should not supersede the inner talents!