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‘Everything 2008’ by eminent artist-curator Bose Krishnamachari
Curating has been the domain of art critics and art historians but it is also a manner of education for the artist where every element that goes into the show acquires importance and conveys more than placing a few frames in gallery spaces.

Eminent artist Bose Krishnamachari has curated many important shows, including BOMBAY X 17, Bombay Boys, DOUBLE-ENDERS, MaaRKERS, Soft Spoken and Af-fair being some of them. Bose Krishnamachari looks forward to the shows at Iremonti (Milan), Bodhi (Singapore), and Arco’09 in Madrid the coming year. According to him, ‘my curated shows are juxtapositions of talent rather than making meaning out of something. He has remarked: “I am not interested in thematic shows, but I do believe in talented artists.”

Even as material and medium work effectively to provide a vibrant body of work, to his credit Bose Krishnamachari's idiom remains ambivalent, forever in search of its space. As a creator, curator and practitioner of art in various forms and domains, he likes to challenge and defy conventional concepts of visual art practices to set his own norms. In a persistent exploration of a number of themes the idea of archiving the interconnection between design and art he worked on 'de-curating' as homage to the peers and seniors.

Among his select solo exhibitions are ‘LaVA (Laboratory of Visual Arts), a traveling installation project (2007); ‘GHOST/ TRANSMEMOIR’ (preview at Kitab Mahal, Mumbai), Aicon Gallery, NY (2006); ‘EXIST’, Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai (2005); ‘Vanitas Vanitatum’, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi (2004), ‘DE CURATING-Indian Contemporary Artists’, Sakshi art gallery, Mumbai, Sumukha, Bangalore and Durbar Hall, Kochi (2003); and ‘AmUseuM Memoirs’, NGMA, Mumbai (1999).

The new exhibition curated by him is on display at The Westerhuis, Amsterdam. The historic structure of The Westerhuis has been transformed into a multi-functional complex for the creative industries. The famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders was the first to become involved with the building following its restoration, establishing his studio there, whilst on the ground floor Wanders will open his forthcoming gallery Moooi.

A curatorial note mentions that ‘Everything’ is a negotiation with talent and concern of multiple art practices. It adds: “Everyone is born with a reason and these artists act as the best communicators of a big and emerging India in the best of times. Someone is political or poetic, someone is critical, someone is performative and someone is a silent producer. Some capture India's new-found urbanism and cosmopolitanism while others dwell upon globalization and its aftereffects and still others see the clichéd ‘War on Terror’ as their prerequisites.”

The show is presented courtesy Willem Baars Art Consultancy. On a regular basis, their gallery displays work by a host of internationally renowned artists including Louise Bourgeois, Philip Guston, Lucio Fontana, Anish Kapoor, Ellsworth Kelly, Edward Kienholz, Ed Ruscha, Sean Scully, Roy Lichtenstein en Andy Warhol. At least twice a year, the collection of Willem Baars Art Consultancy is on display at one of the famous art fairs. Each year, for example, they take part in the KunstRai in Amsterdam and in Art Rotterdam. A collection is compiled specifically for these events.

Among the participating artists are Sadanand Shirke (Untitled, 2008, Vinyl on Composite Aluminum); Prasad Rhagavan (Sacrifice, 2008, fotocollage); K.M. Madhusudhanan (Ship of Gama, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas, Triptych) and Shreyas Karle (Untitled, 2008, details installation, mixed media). Other participants are Prajakta Potnis (Untitled, 2008, mixed media on granite and steel table); Remen Chopra (Untitled, 2008, installation view, steel and photographic image, mixed media on paper); Rateesh T. (Leela, 2007, Oil on Canvas); Talvin Singh (Untitled, 2008, tabla's, speakers, monitor, sound archive); Sojwal Samant (Uptadan, 2008. installation view, mixed media); Bare Bhaskaran (Untitled, 2008. ink on paper); and Krithika do Kanto (Untitled, 2008, ink on archival print on paper).

As the curator elaborates: “Photographer, sculptor, graphic designer, painter; in my concept “Every One is an Artist”. My concern is not with any style of practice but instead I see their concerns in how they run through art making. My motives are straightforward and simple: to unearth new talent, to promote existing young talent and to bring back forgotten, reclusive talent.”