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Suryakant Lokhande - Critical Review by P.Martin
Suryakants paintings are a crucible - a site of transformation, a place where objects, lines, colors, and forms go through a creative catharsis and are then transmuted in order to experience a tempest of personal and social impulses. This alchemy produced labyrinthal images filled with dreamlike flashes that absorb the flow of figures and representations - some of them cruel and tragic, based on past and present phases of his life and images that have touched and shocked him.

Suryakant’s visual tempests emerged from the boundless energy of gestures and movements, the unceasing vitality of India 's everyday domestic decor, whereby his efforts altered the image from its fantastic lifeblood and its libidinal power, its exciting colors and scenes of collective drama to a deep disturbing image of uncertainty that is part of all our lives. Suryakant’s paintings are feverish; they flout economic laws and are the "gratuitous" energy that defied boundaries.

“Why do his paintings overflow with forms and colors, lines and tissues, and what obsession informs their density and passion? What is suryakant's linguistic strategy, What vivifying breath has inspired a continuous formal and iconic creation that spills onto the stage of the world?

""In Suryakant's paintings, the continuity is tied to the incessant motion of the line, which runs without caesuras, following its flow of awareness and fancy, developing bends and folds, lending weight and concreteness to labyrinthal conflicts with its penetration and coupling, filling all gaps, joining and uniting all bodies. It is these lines that are striving to form a Pompeian mosaic of lecherous scenes triggered by a technological consciousness that tends to suggest the telemetric constellation of the computer screen. "It is no coincidence that many of Suryakant's works in this exhibition evoke the iconography of war and effects that play in our subconscious similar to that of a computer screen when neutrality twists, distorts its world.

"In this sense, the turbine of his art seems to run uninterruptedly, devoid of memory and planning. Suryakant entrusts himself to technology, His is an open practice capable of mimicking the world, a search for complicity between art and society,

"This signature style of his work handling - the rich, smooth dragging of paint across a surface or around a shape in a way that both proclaims the luscious texture of oils that comes form the special paint he uses giving the image a touch of being three dimensional.

Most of the images are fragments of actual situations leading to uncertainty. He selects images in such a way that it becomes an objective correlative of sensations, that gives a deeper meaning than the image itself. "His reconcile a free handling of substantial paint, with a use of strict, often non-geometric shapes which appear as abstracts when seen up – close but give a photographic life when viewed from a distance this is a not a common synthesis. He also reaches an elusive Synthesis unlikely to be attained by trying: the knack of conjoining solemnity and wit. His images hurt and unsettle before they can induce calm. All this is to his credit.