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Cash Cow by Sanjeev Sonpimpare
The term “cash cow” is a product or a business unit that generates unusually high profit margins .This profit far exceeds the amount necessary to maintain the cash cow business, and the excess is used by the business for other purposes.

The city- Mumbai, also called the financial capital of (economically booming) India, like other metro cities understands the term well, as we are a sudden change in our immediate surroundings and the entire landscape/mind-space. New Malls, Multiplexes, ATM-centers, fly-over bridges, road and building constructions happening everywhere, looks like- a false attempt to make our city resemble “Shanghai”. It’s time to face “the culture of excess”, and of indifference…, trees fallen/cut in the name of widening of roads or “growth”, Whatever…., while we are being constantly informed about “global warming” and why the city (Mumbai) never sleeps. Another 26/7?...The concern is, “how” we treat our own city. This new body of work is about dealing with /questioning “if it is at all possible to unify/transcend the dualities and dichotomies, of the torn/fragmented soul/identity/self.

Where “easy money” , and “easy loans” are available but there is no concrete solution to pay back the debts, a situation we see is of the economic boom, but it is difficult to afford a one room apartment, “property” and “investments” preoccupy most of our conscience and existence, and we still want more, and ask for more happiness. Today the whole world is trying to focus(?) on the question of “Global warming” and its dangers, the question is again how we deal with the situation and see for our species if there is “a future” . Cash cow-this body of work talks about money, and more money, (Also in the context of Art today, “prices are discussed more than Art and aesthetic value) while questioning if “only money(though it is extremely important for survival) should be the point of focus of our existence” While referring to the works such as (title)-“ATM” and “Scratch card” it is about contemplating on the issues of “easy money” as in winning a lottery, and easy to get loans- at your door step! “Power-lunch” and “Power-nap” is about the terms that refer to the “corporate world” where every thing is judged by success of the product and its power to sustain and hence occurrence of stressful realities. “Esca-1, 2, 3, 4” (escalator/escape) are a hint to our current occupation of “consumerism/consumption” and an attempt of finding “perfect regions of escape”, so as to continuously deny our anxieties and our fears. The “everyday” realities and the “existential” questions of “locating the self” and “unification of the inner-divisions” become the underlying motive, while exploring into the details of “value”.

Finally what is of utmost importance is –“we are here not just talking in general about money, but are here at a point, trying to figure out -where does “rupee as(value/worth) the “National” identity” stand in the global scene, and.. What has the Nation done to this “National unit” which is “the individual” (Can we forget Vidarbha farmers suicides? After the last 26/7, hope... We wont further have the need for “more” rehabilitation programs and fund raising charity organizations). Hope we are heading to the right direction.