Recap of international shows of contemporary Indian art in 2012  

Jan , 2013

‘The Body Unbound’ and ‘Approaching Abstraction’ at Rubin Museum; ‘Índia - Lado a Lado in Brazil; ‘Indian Highway VI’ in China’; ‘Sub-Topical Heat’ in New Zealand; and ‘Critical Mass’ at Tel Aviv Museum, Israel were some of the significant showcases in the year gone by.

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An eclectic event modeled on the Venice Biennale  

Dec , 2012

With an emphasis on encouraging mass participation, the ambitious Kochi-Muziris Biennale planned on global scale and scope aims at creating a new idiom of cosmopolitanism combined with modernity rooted in the lived and living experience of an ancient trading port.

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A precursor to The Skoda Prize  

Nov , 2012

Nominees to the prestigious award this year are known to create works that reflect both diversity and depth of contemporary art practice in India, encompassing innovative site specific installations, videos, prints, drawings, photo collages, paintings, and performance art.

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Mumbai and other themes at The 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012  

Oct , 2012

The event facilitates an exchange of ideas among international curators, writers and theorists, to initiate meaningful dialogue in backdrop of a growingly global market, also introducing city pavilions this year, including one from Mumbai.

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China and India dominate art world headlines  

Sep , 2012

While experts are pondering over the fact whether art can survive the tough economic period, there are reports over inflated prices and major art frauds in China, where incidentally a section of art lovers is worried over presence of thriving Indian art.

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A wrap-up of Indian and international art market scene  

Aug , 2012

When returns in other investment classes are unsatisfactory, experts assert that art is as good a place as any to park your precious resources. However, this is not a market for those looking to make quick money, but ideal for committed collectors, willing to wait for longer term.

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Creating and viewing art goes public  

Jul , 2012

New unconventional and viewer-friendly art exhibitions are growingly moving to outdoor spaces. They offer a holistic, curated museum experience in their quality, complexity, and also scope, albeit sans the walls.

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Inspirations and aspirations of the world’s top art collectors - II  

Jun , 2012

George Economou, François Pinault, Thea and Ethan Wagner, Bernardo Paz all have followed a unique pattern and vision when it comes to collecting art. What is it that keeps them going? We try and find out…

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Aspirations and motivations of the world’s most powerful art collectors - I  

May , 2012

Artur Walther, Sheikha Al Mayassa, Budi Tek, Liu Yiqian, Steven and Chiara Rosenblum, Jose, Alberto and David Mugrabi all belong to different backgrounds, but what they have in common is their passion for art!

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The 2012 Kochi International Biennale  

Apr , 2012

India's thriving art scene is all set to witness an ambitious event of global scale, emulating those in Berlin, Liverpool, Venice and other prestigious venues, albeit enmeshed in local traditions and ethos.

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Celebrating India’s glorious art traditions  

Mar , 2012

Top international institutions like the British Museum, Louvre Paris, Tate Modern, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston among others provide a special attention to rich Indian art traditions.

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A mélange of classic and contemporary, modern and traditional forms  

Feb , 2012

Glance at a series of significant international exhibits - ravishing ‘Ragamala paintings’; vivacious ‘Visions of Mughal India’; captivating Kalighat paintings, alongside contemporary art shows

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Vivacious and vibrant video art draws collectors’ attention  

Jan , 2012

The new media practitioners from India’s evolving art-scape examine contemporary themes and concerns, using interactive technology to seek the viewer participation and involvement.

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A recap of international shows of Indian art in 2011  

Dec , 2011

A series of showcases throughout the year divulged diverse curatorial practices that exuded tradition and modernity, blended religion and technology, signifying the Indian spirit and ethos.

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Who are the art world's most influential players?  

Nov , 2011

Collectors from the Communist powerhouse are making more informed decisions driven by their own cultural lineage rather than taking a cue from the West, reshaping the global art market.

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An icon of peace and non-violence inspires creative minds  

Oct , 2011

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and his philosophy of non-violence has influenced several artists as evident in their works that strive to re-contextualize his message of peace.

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Factors that make art investment more rewarding and fulfliing  

Sep , 2011

Investing in art is largely about spotting the potential early in an emerging, talented artist. Established names have sustainable value. On the other hand, younger artists offer higher risk/higher return.

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A passionate collector’s priceless treasure  

Aug , 2011

The late art collector Jehangir Nicholson had always had a desire to share his collection with the common people for them to soak in its glory and richness. The dream has finally been fulfilled.

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Factors prompting India’s artistic emergence  

Jul , 2011

The growing presence of Indian art internationally can be attributed to its new-generation artists, who respond to the country’s socio-political, economic transformation and its implications.

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A quick glance at la Biennale di Venezia  

Jun , 2011

The official National Pavilions, an international exhibition, meaningful curatorial interventions, public engagement, diverse art projects and seminars form the crux of this prestigious art event.

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