Book Review
Understanding the mechanics of art prices  

Jul , 2013

More people world over will continue buying art simply because they genuinely love it. And until they do not any longer have the means at their disposal to take it home, come what may, they will continue buying.

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‘The Books that Shaped Art History’  

Jun , 2013

Released earlier this year, a major scholarly compilation looks to reassess the perceived impact of several significant texts from a wider historical, social and cultural perspective, to provide a clear roadmap.

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‘Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology’  

May , 2013

Essays by well-known critics, scholars, researchers and curators offer insightful perspectives on dynamic Southeast Asian art scene in its all-encompassing scope of intellectual interests and contemporary context.

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‘Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Art’  

Apr , 2013

Author David W. Galenson argues ‘markets’ are what indeed make the 20th century art different from all other earlier eras and those, who succeeded in changing styles frequently and inventing genres, have reaped the greatest rewards.

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‘Talking Prices’  

Mar , 2013

In this thought-provoking document, art and economics expert Olav Velthuis deals with the ‘Symbolic Meaning of Prices’ on the market for Contemporary Art and to locate elements that greatly determine art value.

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‘The Art Book: New Edition’  

Feb , 2013

The volume takes up a fresher, newer approach to art education with a comprehensive compilation that draws together the research and artworks courtesy an updated version to reflect new emerging trends in the world of art.

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A comprehensive analysis of contemporary Indian art  

Jan , 2013

Described as an extensive presentation of new art trends from the country, the document shows how several talented artists are engaged in interpretation of realities in the intersection, traversing both the global and local influences.

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‘Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the Age of Cultural Production’  

Dec , 2012

Author Nato Thompson looks to evolve different ways to think and discuss art - not simply whether it’s of good quality or bad – but to deeply ponder over what it actually does and different possible levels of wider public engagement.

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‘Pop Art’ by Bradford Collins  

Nov , 2012

The insightful volume provides a comprehensive overview of the significant art movement, and explains the background behind its development for an enhanced perspective and context to our understanding of Pop art as well as its relevance today.

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Fine Art and High Finance  

Oct , 2012

The carefully compiled research volume delves into the aspect of economics of art ownership, involving appraisal & valuation, securitization, taxation, insurance, art funds, and other key areas of art investment.

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A Credit Suisse report on art and investing  

Sep , 2012

Not only has art as an asset class clearly outperformed bonds and equities, it also creates an attractive diversification opportunity, being ‘tangible’ in nature, making it ideal for hedging against stiff inflation.

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‘True Colors’: The Real Life of the Art World’  

Aug , 2012

Anthony Haden-Guest's witty, gossipy and whirlwind tour of the New York City’s contemporary art scene probes a fickle and fast-paced market where connections, galleries, critics and trends make or break reputations in no time.

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‘Word, Image, Text: Studies in Literary and Visual Culture’  

Jul , 2012

An inextricable and intricate intertwining of representation and discourse with images, the book looks to imbricate visual and verbal experience and how the two tend to intermingle.

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‘Starting Your Career as an Artist’ by Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller  

Jun , 2012

Conceptualized as a comprehensive guide for emerging visual artists - painters, sculptors, video artists, installation makers or photographers – the book offers precious insights into building a successful and lasting career.

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‘Artist, Undone’ by V. Sanjay Kumar  

May , 2012

Woven around part reality and a part fictional account, the book is a beguiling and dramatic narrative of its hapless protagonist’s struggle to grasp the creation, commerce and critiquing of today’s art world.

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Barefoot Across The Nation - Husain & The Idea of India  

Apr , 2012

A series of essays by renowned scholars offers multi-disciplinary perspectives that not only locate and identify but also try to traverse controversies surrounding the master’s oeuvre for a rigorous and critical evaluation.

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‘Indian Painting: The lesser-known traditions’  

Mar , 2012

This compilation of essays is an exquisite example of art historical literature, which gives some lesser-known folk art traditions of the country the kind of attention they deserve.

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‘Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media’  

Feb , 2012

An insightful documentation of displaying, interpreting and collecting new media works by Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook also looks to re-position and reorient conventional curatorial practices.

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Is there any link between top art prices and classic economics?  

Jan , 2012

Investing in art is more about the cultural value of money, and of art than about finance; about underlining the intrinsic Social Meaning of Money, argues a new thought-provoking essay.

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‘A Kind of Archeology’: Folk objects as collectible art  

Dec , 2011

The author spells out the vision of American folk-art collectors to see the hidden beauty and value in it, even while pointing out to some of their fallacies.

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